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How to Edit PDF Files in Word 2003/2007/2010?

For many reasons, people need to edit PDF files in the daily life and work. Then what is the simplest way to add all your desired effects into your PDF documents? Undoubted Adobe Acrobat can do all your wanted editing works in your PDF files, but the price of this tool is a little bit higher for personal use. So we don't recommend you to get a new Adobe Acrobat application for personal use. We write this article to show you how to edit PDF files in MS Word 2003/2007/2010 respectively. If you're interested in this topic, just keep reading.

Method 1. Modify PDF Files in Microsoft Word 2003

One of the most prominent features of Microsoft 2003 is it enables users to edit PDF files directly. So if you have Microsoft Office suite 2003 on your computer, just follow below steps to edit Adobe PDF easily.

- Click "File > Open" in the top of the panel to add the PDF files you want to edit into the program.

- Use the Word built-in editing functions like insert, revise and delete text; add images, graphics, etc. to modify your files.

Only 2 simple steps, you can edit PDF files in Word 2003 successfully. However, you may find that when you open PDF in MS Word 2003, some formattings have been lost, right? So if you want to preserve all your original settings in the changed files, this method will not the perfect solution for you. Under this situation, we highly recommend you to try the following method to modify your files.

Method 2. Edit PDF Files in Word 2010/2007/2003

For all Microsoft Word users, including Word 2003, 2007 and 2010, you can use a PDF to Word Converter program to convert PDF files to Word Doc or Docx format, and then you can edit files in Word 2003/2007/2010 respectively. But after that, if you want to save the changed files as PDF format again, then you may need to find another tool to achieve it.

So here, we could like to strongly recommend a professional PDF Editor software for your reference. It has Windows and Mac versions, which can meet both Windows and Mac users' need.

Free Download Windows Version

Free Download Mac Version

Here, we could like to take the Windows version as an example.

- Launch the program and open your PDF files in this PDF Editing software.

- On the top of the interface, you'll find lots of function icons, including Insert, Pages, View, Security, Format, etc. Under this specific functions, you can insert text, images; change font color, adjust font size; set password, etc. within one click.

the main screenshot of the pdf editing software

- Once you're satisfied with your own settings, you can click the "Save" image button to save all changes into your PDF file.

Very convenient, right? There are two ways for you to edit PDF files in Word, which one do you like? If you only need to edit PDF text, then you can directly modify them in your Word 2003 or convert PDF to Word with a PDF to Word Conversion. Otherwise, we highly suggest you to try this professional PDF Editing software.

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