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How to Transfer PDF Files from Mac to iPhone 5

iPhone 5 finally comes to us. It has a large display, a faster chip, ultrafast wireless technology, 8MP iSight camera. Though it doesn't have revolutionary changes. It is still a good choice to listen to music, watch movie, read ebooks and more. So here we guide you how to put your PDF files from computer or Mac to iPhone 5.

Tips: You can use Mac Pdf Editing Pro to edit your PDF documents before you transfer them to your iPhone 5 to read. It's the best editing tool to edit PDF file easily.

Put PDF files from computer to iPhone 5 with iTunes

Step 1: Make sure you have installed iBooks app on your iPhone 5. It's an Apple's free app to read PDF files.

Step 2: Launch iTunes on your Mac. Select File > Add to Library... on the top menu.

use itunes to transfer pdf files from computer to iphone 5


Step 3. Choose the PDF files you want to transfer to iPhone 5. You can choose more than one PDF file and click Choose button.

Step 4. Click Books on the left menu to open iTunes Books Library. You can find the PDF files you add are displayed in the iTunes Library.

Step 5. Connect iPhone 5 to your PC or Mac. Select your iPhone 5 in the Devices list on the left of iTunes.

Step 6. Choose Book tab from the top list. Make sure Sync Book is checked. Then you can choose sync All books or Selected book to your iPhone 5.

sync pdf files to iphone 5

Step 7: Now you can read PDF files on iPhone 5. You can open iBooks, click PDFs button on the top, you'll find all PDF files.

Transfer PDF files to iPhone 5 via email

Step 1: Enter your email account on your computer.

Step 2: Create a new email, attach your PDF files and address it to an email address set up in the "Mail" app on your iPhone 5.

Step 3: Run the "Mail" app on your iPhone and enter the account you sent the email to.

Step 4: Open the email and find PDF files you sent. Tap the PDF icon and download PDF files.

Step 5: Now you can open PDF file to read.

That's all. Many people would like to use the first solution. It's easy and you can transfer many PDF files as you need,just learn how to copy PDF files to iPhone/iPad

Hint: ePub format is the best format to obtaion best reading experience on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, so you can use the HTML to ePub for Mac to change HTML pages to ePub books to read on your iOS devices.

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